Evaluation and Management Coding Services

Evaluation and Management Coding Background

  • Directed by a nationally known Evaluation and Management coding and reimbursement expert who is both a certified coder and a certified instructor of coding.
  • 25 years experience coding for and training evaluation and management physicians to improve documentation and coding compliance.
  • Trained thousands of physicians how to improve medical record documentation E+M code selection, and over a hundred coders how to code evaluation and management services.

Evaluation and Management Coding Need

  • Evaluation and Management coding encompasses every clinical specialty and subspecialty. This makes Evaluation and Management algorithmically more complex, particularly for the Medical Decision Making component of Evaluation and Management coding. What works for one subspecialty does not apply to another. Specialty specific training and experience is critical.
  • Experienced and skilled Evaluation and Management coders are hard to find and can demand high salaries.
  • Few Evaluation and Management coders have the certified procedural coder designation, a symbol career commitment and of quality coding.
  • Coding guidelines for Evaluation and Management services are complex, change often and errors can be costly to the practice or create major compliance audit exposure.
  • Coder turnover creates cash flow peaks and valleys.
  • With so few coders specializing in Evaluation and Management coding, it is difficult to find and hire experienced Evaluation and Management coders, even in large metropolitan areas. Medical practices and hospitals in smaller communities and tight labor markets have trouble filling openings.

Evaluation and Management Coding Solution

  • TCN’s Evaluation and Management coding services address both inpatient and office professional charges and hospital outpatient clinics.
  • TCN’s Evaluation and Mangagement coders have specialty experience in:
    • Allergy and Immunology E&M Coding
    • Cardiology E&M Coding
    • Cardiothoracic Surgery E&M Coding
    • Colorectal Surgery E&M Coding
    • Dermatology E&M Coding
    • Endocrinology E&M Coding
    • Family Practice E&M Coding
    • Gastroenterology E&M Coding
    • General Surgery E&M Coding
    • Geriatrics E&M Coding
    • Gynecology E&M Coding
    • Hematology-Oncology E&M Coding
    • Hospitalist E&M Coding
    • Infectious Disease E&M Coding
    • Internal Medicine E&M Coding
    • Neonatology E&M Coding
    • Nephrology E&M Coding
    • Neurology E&M Coding
    • Neurosurgery E&M Coding
    • Ophthalmology E&M Coding
    • Orthopaedic E&M Coding
    • Otolaryngology E&M Coding
    • Pain Management E&M Coding
    • Pediatrics EE&M Coding
    • Pediatric Surgery E&M Coding
    • Physical Medicine E&M Coding
    • Podiatry E&M Coding
    • Pulmonology E&M Coding
    • Radiation Oncology E&M Coding
    • Rheumatology E&M Coding
    • Surgery E&M Coding
    • Surgical Oncology E&Mt Coding
    • Trauma and BurnE&M Coding
    • Urology E&M Coding
    • Vascular / Endovascular Surgery E&M Coding
    • Wound Care E&M Coding
  • Our certified and specialty-experienced Evaluation and Management coders will code your services within 2-to-3 workdays when sent consistently.
  • We will identify documentation deficiencies to help improve the quality of your medical records and optimize reimbursement.
  • Our volume-driven per-service pricing model is inexpensive and our team of coders stabilizes cash flow performance.
  • Reduce compliance audit exposure due to inadvertent coding errors or persistent errors by noncompliant physicians.
  • A practical and affordable solution for your Evaluation and Management coding needs to improve coding and documentation.

Evaluation and Management Coding Services

  • Temporary or ongoing Evaluation and Management coding coverage for all or part of your caseload.
  • Backlog coding resolution services.
  • Compliance and missed revenue audits.
  • Charge-ticket (“superbill”) updates and redesigns to stay current with coding changes.
  • Physician documentation and code selection training.
  • Physician group documentation deficiency reporting.
  • Coding helpline services.
  • Evaluation and Management coding “helpline” services.
  • OIG and RAC audit defense.

Payments for Evaluation and Management Services – Update from Office of Inspector General – Fiscal Year 2011 Work Plan Medicare Part A and Part B – Page 1 -14

We will review the extent of potentially inappropriate payments for E&M services and the consistency of E&M medical review determinations. CMS’s Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Pub. No. 100§04, ch. 12, § 30.6.1 instructs providers to “select the code for the service based upon the content of the service” and says that “documentation should support the level of service reported.” Medicare contractors have noted an increased frequency of medical records with identical documentation across services. We will also review multiple E&M services for the same providers and beneficiaries to identify electronic health records (EHR) documentation practices associated with potentially improper payments.

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