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Hire a Coder or use TCN?

Not as easy to answer as you may think.

Hire a Coder or use TCN?

This simple question requires a somewhat elaborate answer known in MBA circles as a “build or buy” analysis. “Build” refers to recruiting and hiring, while “buy” is the option to contract or outsource the service. There are a number of factors that go into the decision making process, and we will try to show you what is involved.

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Why Audit Your Coding?

The Stakes are High - Keep your Coding Accurate.


The implementation and operation of this program is quite simple. Periodically (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) participating practices send us a sample of their visit notes, procedure reports and claim forms. We perform a government-style audit of the coding, using all available screens and regulations.

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100% US Based!

Performing all services exclusively in the USA.


Coding is the cognitive part of the revenue cycle and not a fungible commodity. Don’t try to skimp on coding resources by finding the cheapest option in the
marketplace. Use the best. All TCN coders and auditors are located entirely in the USA and have the skills, backgrounds and knowledge base to help you now.

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How Does Remote Coding Work?

TCN can save you time and optimize your revenue.

We're All Experts, and We Work For You!

TCN’s remote coding guarantees accuracy and turnaround time, reduces costs and hassles for practice managers and physicians, allows for scalable temporary coding resources to eliminate backlogs, and assists with overflow coding coverage. All with no contractual minimums! Contact us for a free coding audit or quote.

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Save yourself time & money!

The simple changes are often the most effective.

TCN's Outsourced Medical Coding!

All physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers need accurate medical coding and surgical coding for proper and optimized payment.

Unfortunately, physicians themselves are often sub-optimal coders, and many certified coders have limited sub-specialty coding skills.

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Who Needs TCN?

Come on, you already know the answer...

You need TCN!

All physicians, surgeons, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers need accurate medical coding and surgical coding for proper payment. Our ongoing coding service guarantees accuracy, and our audits of your own coding can either help you sleep better knowing that your own coding is accurate, or the audit results might be a real wake-up call.

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Client Testimonials

We have been using the coding network for 3 years now. I wished that I had switched to them 10 years earlier. The return on investment is very very large. We simply upload an operative note to their secure site and receive a secure email back within two days. They usually code a few cases for free so you can preview their services.
Alexandria Archibald MBA CMPE Administrator Somerset Orthopedic Associates PA Bridgewater NJ
We have worked with The Coding Network for many years and they are a valuable resource for daily operations for some areas, and for backlog and staff transition needs for other areas. They are always ready to help when asked and to meet the customer needs. The Coding Network is a great organization to work with.
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
It has been a pleasure working with the TCN team across all of our engagements. Your team did a tremendous job in responding to the needs of Deloitte and our clients and remained flexible throughout.. Many thanks to you and your team.
Deloitte & Touche, LLP
I cannot thank you enough for last week’s educational sessions with LaVerne Jones. My staff is still on Cloud 9 with all the data, materials and education that was provided. LaVerne is such an amazing teacher, my staff walked away with so much material, real life experiences and tools to make their jobs so much easier. I really appreciate you sending such a knowledgeable person to work with my team, she was truly amazing.
Joanne Reilly, CPC, Director, Business Services Scripps Medical Foundation
Over the past year we have been working closely with your project coordinator, Jennifer Balow. Her professionalism and follow through have made such a positive impression and have given me the utmost confidence in the quality and timeliness of the audits we have received from TCN. She has coordinated the many different auditors for all of our specialties and has promptly gotten answers to any questions we have had. Jennifer is definitely an asset to your business and to the good name of your company. I look forward to working with Jennifer in the coming year.
Shelley Watts, CPC, Corporate Compliance, Assistant Compliance Officer Rutland Regional Medical Center
We have had an excellent experience with Kim and the team at TCN. Kim absolutely fulfills all of our needs and is quick to respond to any question/concerns we may have. It is a pleasure working with her.
Jessica Sizemore, Lowcountry Outpatient Surgery Center

Secure, Flexible, Transparent, Efficient Workflows and Technology.


No matter what your work flow is, TCN has a tool that’s right for you. So all you need to do is let us know how your data is available and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that easy.

Call us about a free software demo!
  • Your EMR/EHR: Secure VPN connections to coders.
  • Sharefile: HIPAA compliant file sharing service.
  • Customer Portal: A secure email pipeline.
  • eBridge: The world’s premiere file storage cabinet.
  • Anything Else: If you have a way, we’ll make it work.

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