• Specialization

    All coders must have a minimum of three years of specialty-specific coding experience within the past five years (five years are required for auditors). If these requirements are met, all coders and auditors must also pass specialty-specific coding and auditing tests composed of sterilized cases.

  • USA Based

    All coders and auditors both live and work in the United States. We have no affiliation with any off-shore companies or contractors; no coding or auditing is ever performed overseas.

  • Recruitment & Testing Standards

    Our extensive recruitment and testing process – with 57 different proficiency exams – is unique to the coding and auditing industry, as are our high standards for accuracy.

  • Leadership

    Unlike other coding companies, whose management team typically consists of prior experience in hospital management and accounting, consulting, healthcare information technology, investment banking, corporate turnarounds, and taking companies public, TCN’s CEO and President possess over 70 years of experience in medical practice, revenue cycle management, and coding, including large multispecialty private practices, academic faculty practice plans, integrated delivery systems, and billing companies.

  • Stability (No Venture Capital Funding)

    Without having to worry about returns on outsiders’ investments and quarter-to-quarter financial performance pressure, our decades of success is predicated on doing what is right for our clients.

  • Accuracy Guarantee and No Minimums

    With an unparalleled expertise level in specialty-specific coding, we stand 100% behind the accuracy of coding performed and do not require any minimums or exclusivity.

  • No Long-Term Agreements

    TCN allows our clients to utilize our services regardless of variation in volume and the duration during which our services are required. All of the services offered by TCN are either on a per case or per hour basis so our clients only pay for what is needed while giving them both administrative and budgetary control.

  • Pristine Compliance Record

    Even with our extensive experience at academic practices, which are targets of high value for the OIG and CMS, NEVER has a client paid a penny for fines or penalties for any service coded in our 25+ years of operation.


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