Your New Coding Department

Large private practices, hospital-based physician groups, academic faculty practices, integrated delivery systems, and multispecialty management service organizations all face a wide array of organizational, economic, and even multi-location geographic challenges. All the while, both the science and business of medicine continue to become more and more complex. The advances in the science are logarithmic. Laws and regulations are constantly changing. (In 2010 there are 24,060 new active pairs and 19,083 terminated pairs in the revised NCII 16.0 data set.) Payers merge and contracts evolve. Staff come-and-go. Practices grow and contract. Hospitals, group practices, medical schools, Departments, Divisions, research institutes, and practice plans create complex organizational matrices that are reconfigured periodically. Every dimension of the care delivery and revenue cycle must be managed by skilled administrators within fast-paced and dynamic internal-and-macro environments.

Coding must be consistently accurate for all providers across all locations and for all specialties.

Unfortunately, personnel management headaches, recruitment-and-training hassles, performance accuracy and consistency problems, subspecialty knowledge issues, coder turnover, etc. all become a “treadmill” absorbing endless management resources. The practitioners can end-up with suboptimal results revolving around an individual rather than an institutionalized solution. The Coding Network’s core competency is accurate coding. Our entire corporate management and every one of our subspecialty coders serves as each of The Coding Network’s clients’ own personal Coding Department. The Coding Network relieves you of the perpetual management problems that divert you from your institutions’ mission and core competencies. We can become the infrastructure to your organization’s Coding Department and/or Compliance Office.

What does this mean? What do you get by having The Coding Network become your new Coding Department?

  • Guaranteed coding accuracy.
  • Ongoing Quality Assurance Program.
  • Improved medical records with our documentation deficiency feedback “loop.”
  • Continuing Education.
  • Access to expert coding resources.
  • Increased control by both the physicians and administration.
  • Improved communication with the physicians and mid-level providers.
  • Turns fixed overhead expenses into much preferred variable expenses.
  • Potential cost reduction.
  • Continuity; many of The Coding Networks’ coders have been with us for 14+ years.
  • Compliance; never has a client of The Coding Network ever had to pay a penny in fines or recoupments for any service we’ve coded.
  • Flexibility to add new provider specialties.
  • Flexibility to add new provider locations.
  • Bring specialty-specific knowledge to your staff on an “as needed-when needed” basis with no minimums. You are in total control at all times.
  • Reduces the joy and frequency of Human Resources and staff management headaches.

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