Complete List of Medical Specialties

Please find below a list of the specialties for which The Coding Network provides coding, coding review services, and coding helpline services.


•   Adult Intensivist
•   Allergy
•   Anesthesia
•   Bariatric Medicine/Surgery
•   Burn/Trauma
•   Cardiac Catheterization
•   Cardiology
•   Cardiovascular Surgery
•   Colorectal Surgery
•   Dermatology
•   Electrophysiology
•   Emergency Medicine
•   Endocrinology
•   Family Practice
•   Gastroenterology
•   General Surgery
•   Geriatrics
•   Gynecologic Oncology
•   Hematology/Oncology
•   Hepatobiliary
•   Hospitalist
•   Infectious Disease
•   Internal Medicine
•   Interventional Radiology
•   Medical Genetics
•   Neonatology
•   Nephrology
•   Neuroradiology
•   Neurology
•   Neurosurgery
•   Nuclear Medicine
•   Obstetrics & Gynecology
•   Occupational Medicine
•   Ophthalmology
•   Oral Surgery
•   Orthopedics
•   Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery
•   Pain Management
•   Palliative Care
•   Pain Management
•   Palliative Care
•   Pathology: Surgical & Anatomic
•   Pediatric Intensivist
•   Pediatrics
•   Pediatric Surgery
•   Physical Medicine

•   Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
•   Podiatric Surgery
•   Psychiatry
•   Pulmonary Medicine
•   Radiation Oncology
•   Radiology
•   Rheumatology
•   Surgical Oncology
•   Thoracic Surgery
•   Transplant Surgery
•   Urology
•   Vascular Surgery
•   Wound Care
•   Bariatric Surgery
•   ENT
•   General Surgery
•   Gastroenterology
•   Neurosurgery
•   Obstetrics & Gynecology
•   Ophthalmology
•   Oral/Dental Surgery
•   Orthopedic Surgery
•   Pain Management
•   Pediatric Surgery
•   Plastic Surgery
•   Podiatric Surgery
•   Urology
•   Vascular Surgery
•   Ambulatory Clinics
•   Cardiac Catheterization Labs
•   Diagnostic Radiology
•   Emergency Department
•   GI Endoscopy Labs
•   Inpatient Acute Care
•   Interventional Cardiology
•   Interventional Radiology
•   Same Day Surgery
•   Small Specialty Hospitals
•   Surgical Pathology
•   HCC Audits
•   Ambulance Coding


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