Coding Compliance Audits

Independent 3rd party coding compliance audits are an essential component of a robust compliance program. Utilizing specialty-specific auditing experts ensures your organization will have any coding or documentation deficiencies uncovered.  All TCN auditors are specialty-specific, possess at least one coding credential, have a minimum of 5 years’ specialty experience, and are 100% US-based.  A dedicated Project Manager will coordinate the disparate auditing resources your organization needs as well as set up an efficient workflow thru either your EHR/EMR or using a cloud-based, HIPAA secure remote file sharing service.  All audits will be performed in accordance with a client-specific Coding Profile where your organization’s payors, specific rules, edits and guidelines will all be taken into account ensuring that the audit results match the expectations of the entities paying the reimbursement for services rendered by your physicians.

With TCN’s education-focused audit reports, errors can be easily identified and corrective actions clearly explained.  This affords our clients an easier pathway to improving their coding accuracy and honing their documentation efforts which in turn will optimize your revenue and minimize your compliance exposure.

Not only can we bolster your compliance program with auditing but we can also help you build a step-by-step compliance plan. A robust compliance plan will establish a coding accuracy target, determine a schedule based on your audit results, and layout a corrective action plan when accuracy thresholds are not met. We draw from our extensive experience working with clients in all fifty states to help build and implement the compliance plan that best fits their organization’s needs, structure, and budget.

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  • Solution Highlights

    • Experienced, certified, single-specialty auditors
    • Uncover missed opportunities
    • Minimize risk, denials, penalties and/or fines
    • Education-focused comprehensive reports
    • Dedicated project management included
    • Coding and documentation feedback