How Remote Medical Coding Works

Our Service Agreements are designed to be easy to navigate and customer friendly. There are no monthly or annual minimums and no volume requirements. Most of our services are performed on a per case/encounter/report basis with pricing tiers tied to the amount of monthly work that is being performed. We traditionally include all of our services along with the corresponding pricing. Thus once an agreement is in place if you need assistance in any particular area, you simply need to reach out and we can fulfill your request without the need to go back and amend your agreement.

The process typically begins with your Project Manager reaching out and determining the scope of the undertaking. They in turn will coordinate the efforts of all of the disparate coders and/or auditors that will be allocated for the project. We typically recommend that you select either 1 or 2 point people for the Project Manager to coordinate with. This allows you to be kept abreast of any project timeline, assignment of resources and to answer any queries that may arise during the course of providing services. We are more than happy to arrange regular update calls on either a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on what kind of updates you would like to receive.

A coding profile will be created to ensure that all coding and/or auditing is not performed to one set of edits, rules or guidelines but to all of the applicable payors that your organization regularly submits claims for reimbursement to.

In developing an optimal workflow, we can access and return data through an array of modalities including directly accessing the information in your EMR(s), utilizing a 3 rd party resource to craft coding or audit queues by specialty/department to organize the cases you need assistance with, or setting up file cabinets in a cloud-based file storage application to upload records to and return work product in. TCN has worked on dozens of EMRs (including EPIC, Cerner, Athena, eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, among many others) and can collaborate with your IT to be able to work within any system in the marketplace in a HIPAA secure manner.

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