Physician Documentation Training

The Coding Network has developed specialty-specific documentation training programs for each of the 57 physician specialties that we cover. The training programs can be conducted onsite or remotely via webinars.

Unlike some training programs, our E&M documentation training utilizes examples with presenting problems pertinent to the specialty of the physicians being trained. Furthermore, when an audit has been previously performed for the physicians attending the training, the examples used in the training will be selected from the audit which increases physician engagement and conceptual understanding. For surgical specialties, The Coding Network has developed courses for each specialty along with their respective sub-specialties.

Classes vary in length but E&M Services training classes are typically 2-2½ hours in length and surgical/procedural training classes approximately 1½-2 hours in length. In addition to the group classes, The Coding Network’s trainers can schedule one-on-one meetings with either coders or physicians. The trainers can also round with the physicians to provide real-time documentation training. Customized training topics are also available on a project basis.

The Coding Network charges on a per-day basis and our trainers can conduct 2-3 group classes per day at maximum. The size of the class is completely up to the Client. We welcome physicians, mid-level providers, coders, billing staff, and anyone else who would like to improve their knowledge of documentation from a billing perspective.

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  • Solution Highlights

    • Improve the quality of documentation
    • Reduce denials resulting from deficient documentation
    • Designed for the specialty being addressed
    • Customizable to your providers
    • E&M and procedural training options
    • Address large groups of providers or 1-on-1 training