Coding Services

The Coding Network’s coding service affords our clients access to specialty-driven coding experts on a per-encounter/operation/case basis for the majority of coding services we perform.  A designated project manager will serve as your primary point of contact to assign the appropriate number of coders, develop an efficient workflow and customize your Coding Profile to ensure we capture all the unique guidelines, rules, edits and payors your organization utilizes. All TCN coders are specialty-specific, possess at least one coding credential, have a minimum of 3 years’ specialty experience and had their skills validated.

Your assigned US-based coders can securely log in to your EMR/EHR and code within your system. We will help your team build the proper work queues so the coders have access to the necessary reports and are able to enter the codes for your team to bill. Alternatively, we can create a workflow via a secure cloud storage solution, such as eBridge Solutions or Citrix Sharefile. Your billing team would upload the necessary records to the cloud, then coders would code the cases and either annotate their codes directly onto the reports or send you a list of all their codes for your billing team to send out to payers.

Our coding service can be utilized to perform all of your coding, support your existing coding efforts, and/or cover your team in the event of backlogs, vacations or sick-leaves.

With both of these systems, our goal is to create a simple, efficient flow of information that provides you with accurate coding that feels like it is seamlessly done in the background.

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  • Solution Highlights

    • 800+ credentialed coders and auditors
    • Single-specialty focus for all coders
    • Specialization and background in over 65 medical specialties
    • Rapid turnaround time
    • Fast seamless onboarding
    • Complete or supplemental assistance