About Mark Babst

BA, Rutgers University ‘69 MPA, Syracuse University ‘71 Mark entered the medical field as a Program and Budget Analyst with New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation. After gaining experience in the public sector, he spent a number of years working for non-profit as well as private-sector healthcare delivery systems.Mark met Neal in 1976 when he moved from Boston to Los Angeles after a particularly nasty winter. Both had enrolled in a UCLA Extension class on what was then an entirely new topic: computer applications in the business of medicine. In 1980, Mark began his academic faculty practice experience as the Deputy Director and Chief Revenue Officer for UCLA’s Department of Medicine. Three years later, he was recruited to be the first Executive Director of the 112 physician Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Medical Group, an affiliate of the University of Southern California. During his tenure, Mark helped double collections and lay a stable financial and organizational foundation for growth.In 1986, Mark joined Neal Green at Medi-Sec, Inc. as the Executive Vice President. The 9 years working with Neal in the medical billing industry and his discovery of the marketplace need for a specialty-specific coding service led Mark to help create The Coding Network in 1995. For 24 years Mark has been helping fill this need with top quality coding services, helping hundreds of clients and many thousands of physicians optimize their revenue streams and minimize their compliance exposure. As business partners with over 75 years of experience, Mark and Neal are well versed in the unique revenue cycle needs of physicians and have structured The Coding Network to excel in this arcane but essential niche.

Outsourcing Medical Coding: The Key Advantages for Healthcare Providers

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Amid the complex labyrinth of healthcare administration, one area stands as a beacon of efficiency and cost-effectiveness—outsourcing medical coding. It brings an exhaustive list of benefits ranging from unburdening clinicians, [...]

HCC Coding Compliance: Avoid Revenue Loss and Fines in Healthcare

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Navigating the complex labyrinth of HCC coding is a daunting task for healthcare providers due to the frequent carrier changes to rules and regulations, and non-compliance could mean substantial revenue [...]

Medical Coding Audits: Ensure Accurate Clinical Documentation

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Why Conduct a Medical Coding Audit Medical coding audits ensure accurate clinical documentation, improve revenue cycle management, minimize revenue loss and coding liability, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. Improved Accuracy of [...]

Benefits of Professional Medical Coding Services: How Outsourcing Can Increase Reimbursement

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, staying ahead of changes while maintaining efficiency and accuracy can be a challenging task. However, there is a rising solution offering multiple benefits including [...]