Neurology Coding

Neurology Coding Background

Coding the services provided by neurologists presents a number of challenges.  They use diagnostic tests as old as “can you feel this pinpoint on your finger?” and as high-tech as PET scans.  In addition to all of the Evaluation and Management codes that neurologist can use, there are over 100 separate codes in the Neurology and Neuromuscular tests and procedures section of the CPT codes.  Neurologists see patients in all hospital specialty units, in offices, and often in residential care facilities, so a correct and up-to-date understanding the place of service rules and requirements is critical for accurate neurology coding.  The nature of neurology involves treating high percentage of Medicare patients, many of whom also qualify for Medicaid coverage; knowledge of all of the coding rules and regulations is necessary for proper reimbursement and compliance.

TCN’s Neurology Coding Background

  • Our Neurology coding group is directed by a nationally known coding and reimbursement expert who is both a certified coder and a certified instructor of coding.
  • 25+ years of experience coding for physicians and training providers to improve their medical record documentation and coding compliance.
  • Experienced in tertiary academic neurology departments as well as private practice.

The Neurology Coding Need

  • Neurology coding is an arcane subspecialty of evaluation and management coding.  The medical decision making (MDM) component of the evaluation and management paradigm is mission-critical for accurate coding. What works for one subspecialty does not apply to another.  Neurology specific coding training and experience is critical.
  • Experienced and skilled neurology coders are hard to find and can demand high salaries.
  • Few neurology coders have the certified procedural coder designation, a symbol career commitment and of quality coding.
  • Coding guidelines for neurology services are complex, change often and errors can be costly to the practice or create major compliance audit exposure.
  • Coder turnover creates cash flow peaks and valleys.
  • With so few coders specializing in neurology coding, it is difficult to find and hire experienced neurology coders, even in large metropolitan areas. Medical practices and hospitals in smaller communities and tight labor markets have trouble filling openings.


TCN’s Neurology Coding Solution

  • TCN’s neurology coding services address the inpatient and office and residential facility professional charges as well as a hospital’s outpatient neurology clinic.
  • Our certified and specialty-experienced neurology coders will code your services within 2-to-3 workdays when sent consistently.
  • We will identify documentation deficiencies to help improve the quality of your medical records and optimize reimbursement.
  • Our volume-driven per-service pricing model is inexpensive and our team of coders stabilizes cash flow performance.
  • Reduce compliance audit exposure due to inadvertent coding errors or persistent errors by noncompliant physicians.
  • A practical and affordable solution for your neurology coding needs to improve coding and documentation.

TCN’s Neurology Coding Services

  • Temporary or ongoing neurology coding coverage for all or part of your caseload.
  • Backlog coding resolution services.
  • Compliance and missed revenue audits.
  • Charge-ticket (“superbill”) updates and redesigns to stay current with coding changes.
  • Physician documentation and code selection training.
  • Physician group documentation deficiency reporting.
  • Coding helpline services.
  • Neurology coding “helpline” services.
  • OIG and RAC audit defense

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