Under normal circumstances, the biggest difficulty practices encounter when trying to engage in physician education is timing.  Coordinating everyone’s schedules, pulling providers out of the operative and visiting rooms, and capturing a practice’s attention during the work day (or worse, during lunch) can be incredibly challenging.  We all understand that physicians are always busy and fitting in additional work, even documentation training to improve their performance, is a challenging feat.

With Shelter-At-Home ordinances and a cessation of elective services around the country, most providers find themselves with only telemedicine visits to fill their dockets.  Covid-19 has substantially slowed down many practices that provide elective services.  Instead of wasting this time waiting for normal life to resume, utilize this opportunity to take care of the tasks that are typically difficult to coordinate.

Most training sessions are able to be done remotely so the providers can login from their own homes.  In fact, this might allow for the most engagement with your providers in a training session as they do not have a full schedule dragging them in a million different directions.  Remote physician documentation training will help keep your providers involved with the practice and their specialty during a period of prolonged downtime.  Better yet, it will help to improve their skill sets so that when they do return to the operating room, their enhanced documentation will allow for optimized reimbursement and fewer denials ensuring that your practice’s revenue stream is healthier than ever.