Staying profitable in the wake of Medicare reimbursement cuts is an ongoing struggle.

During Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, OIG’s report reveals recoveries of more than $4.13 billion in health care fraud judgments and settlements. The report also mentions exclusions of 3,244 individuals and entities from participation in Federal health care programs; which means you need to be extra careful to avoid billing errors and stay out of OIG hit list.

Missing a single update can cost you; whether it’s a fee schedule change, a new form, proposed rule or an added documentation requirement.

What you need to know is:

  • Hot Reimbursement Strategies That Will Optimize Results.
  • Ace E/M Reimbursement with These Top Tips.
  • Do Not Fear Federal Audit Scrutiny… Embrace It and Stay Out of Hot Water.
  • Don’t Let Legislation, Rules, and Regulations Intimidate You: Collect the Revenue You Deserve.
  • Technology and Security Know‑How Keeps You Compliant.
  • Sharpen Your Coding Skills to Maximize Reimbursement.
  • More Expert Advice to Add to Your Arsenal.

This is where our bi-monthly newsletter — Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement — comes into play .We want you to stay on top of CMS updates, while also treading cautiously to avoid compliance pitfalls and OIG target areas, which can be tough, especially when economic worries are already forcing healthcare settings across the country to slide into the red.

Mentioned below are some of the topics we cover with each issue of Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement Alert :

  • Medicare Fee Schedule Updates
  • QPP Year 2 Updates: MIPS, Advanced APMs, scoring, payments, reporting, bonuses, penalties, and more
  • Get Ready for These Medicare Overhauls
  • Regulatory Updates: Stark, AKS, FCA,CMPL, and regulatory reforms
  • E/M Coding: Incorrect Codes, Poor Notes, and Setting Debacles Add to E/M Fails
  • Manage MSP Issues with Stronger Claims’ Policies
  • Telehealth: Know These Bipartisan Budget Act Changes Impacting Telehealth
  • OIG Offers New Gadgets for Compliance Inquiry
  • CMS Market Saturation Tool Helps Determine Provider Density
  • Check Your 2018 MIPS Status with New Tool
  • OIG Adds Statistical Sampling To Work Plan
  • Anthem Opts Not to Change Modifier 25 Policy
  • Avoid Denials with This LT and Reciprocal Billing Primer
  • HIPAA: Put HIPAA Training at the Top of Your Spring To-Do List
  • Ace the Medicare Card and Number Transition From Day 1
  • Be Part of the Conversation on E/M Documentation Change
  • HHS Focuses On Value-Based Care for Medicare Reimbursement
  • CMS Revises Medical Student E/M Documentation Policy
  • Is the Stark Law Headed for the Chopping Block?
  • Gain Improvement Activity Credits By Participating in MIPS Study
  • Compliance: Conquer Claims Reviews with These 5 Tips
  • Anthem’s Controversial ED Policy Impacts 3 More States
  • Practice Management: Manage Your Online Image or Suffer the Consequences
  • New Medicare Texting Guidance Spells Out Dos and Don’ts
  • Medicare Errors: Back Up Your Claims with Accurate Notes — Or Risk Paybacks

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