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It May Keep You Out of Serious Trouble With The OIG
and Third Party Payors, Prevent Recoupment, And
Improve`Your Bottom Line

  • A Coding Accuracy Audit helps with OIG regulations compliance. The OIG “model compliance plan” calls for every “provider” to have an independent review of the accuracy of their claims.
  • A Coding Accuracy Audit can keep you from paying fines or going to jail. If an employee suspects an error and files a “whistle blower” suit, s/he gets to keep up to 25% of what the government recovers.
  • A Coding Accuracy Audit can make you money, if you are inadvertently leaving unbilled services “on the table.”
  • A Coding Accuracy Audit makes good business sense.Coding is crucial to collections.  Coding rules and regulations change throughout the year. The April 2011, CMS’ revision 17.1 of Medicare’s NCCI added 11,831 new code edit pairs. What you don’t know can absolutely hurt you. Bad.
  • A Coding Accuracy Audit can help improve the accuracy of your medical records.  A coding audit can bring your attention to what isn’t in them; this can improve the quality of care your practice provides as well as potentially generating revenue improvements.
  • A Coding Accuracy Audit can help you better manage your staff. You know if they arrive to work on-time and if they are nice to your patients, but there’s more to accurate coding. Unless you measure their work, how do you know if they deserve a pat on the back or a kick in the tail?

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