According to CMS, Evaluation and management (E/M) codes are the most frequently reported—and the most audited. In a study referred to by CMS, the OIG noted that 42% of claims for E/M services were incorrectly coded. Medicare reports a 65-70% error rate for codes 99215, 99223, and 99233. Upcoding and the misuse of modifier 25 are problematic. Widespread issues include the inherent subjectivity involved in E/M coding, as well as insufficient documentation to support code choice.


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  • Get the Scoop on These New CPT® 2018 E/M Codes
  • Reporting Preventive Service with Problem-Oriented E/M
  • Understand Exam Levels for Other MACs
  • Discover Which Elements are Needed for HPI
  • Get New Vs. Established Patient Right Every Time
  • Master the Nuts and Bolts of CCI Edits to Excel in Your E/M Coding
  • Think You Can Never Report Modifiers 24 and 25 Together? Think Again
  • Discern Requirements for Preventive Care/Problem-Focused E/Ms
  • Hone Your PFSH Skills to Excel in History Coding
  • When Should You Append Modifier 24 to the E/M Service? Find Out
  • Get to Know 99283 for E/M ED Claims
  • Correctly Handle an Injection Due to E/M Encounter
  • Get Your TCM Coding Right Every Time with These Handy Tips
  • Keep These G Modifiers in Mind for ABNs
  • Always Ace Coding for Your E/M Telemedicine Services
  • Get the Scoop on New BHI and Behavioral Healthcare Management Codes
  • Know When to Append Modifier 25
  • Decipher Modifier Indicator of 1 in CCI Edits
  • NGS Reverses Original Exam Policy Change Decision
  • Avoid Reporting Both 99385 and 99402
  • Know When to Use Team Conference Code
  • Receive a 99215 Denial? Expert Advice Will Show You What You Did Wrong
  • Find Out When to Append Modifier 24
  • 3 Tips Hone Your Advance Care Planning Skills
  • Bust These Modifier 57 Myths to Boost Your Bottom Line
  • Use Time as Dominant Factor
  • How to You Choose the Right Hospital Discharge Code
  • Get New Health Risk Assessment Instrument Codes
  • Bust Locum Tenens Myths to Stay on Track
  • And much more!

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